About recalciGrant creations

Behind recalciGrant creations

Hi, I'm Kristen!

I started recalciGrant creations out of a deep desire to spread the message of changing traditional philanthropy, while at the same time advancing the profession of grants management.

I've been working in grants management for 7 years. I recognize my immense privilege and power that I hold in this work, and along with my white privilege (and other privileges), I feel the need to keep the gates I control open while trying to dismantle the whole fence. I strive to maintain compliance for my employers and use my expertise to assist the organizations who need it most to navigate the complex system we are part of.

What is "recalciGrant"?

recalcitrantdetermined resistance to or defiance of authority

recalciGrant: fighting for equitable grantmaking; dismantling an oppressive system from the inside

I take my work in grants management seriously and am always pushing myself and others to know better, do better, fund better. I have been called "defiant" and "oppositional" in professional settings. Rather than get in line, I'm using my recalcitrance for good by creating this brand. I hope you will proudly wear and display these designs and join me as we work to change philanthropy.

Of course, some designs are also just for fun to bring levity to the serious work we do. 

New designs will be added periodically, and please contact me if you have a design or product you'd like to see!

About Production

recalciGrant creations is proud to partner with a print-on-demand company to offer you a diverse array of quality products printed as you order and shipped to you from facilities across the world. This partnership allows recalciGrant to ensure your products are high quality and durable. Also, making products on demand instead of in bulk helps reduce overproduction and waste.

The same color value will look a little different on when printed on 100% cotton vs. a fabric blend. Similarly, the same color value will look different when printed on a light vs. dark colored garment. Therefore, please note that the design may have a "vintage" or "faded" look depending on what fabric or product it is printed on (as well as its color)--you can visit this page to learn more about direct-to-garment printing (DTG) on certain fabrics. 

You can visit our FAQs, Returns, Sizing and shipping policy pages to learn more.